IMG_20160205_185230737The woodenware from Dadant finally arrived on Friday and I couldn’t wait to get started building all the supers for the bee hives. I chose Dadant because they honestly have some of the best woodenware out there, it was a toss-up between them and Walter Kelly but the free shipping from DadantĀ tipped the scales in their favor.

I had long ago decided to use only medium supers for all my hives and in this order, I got 8 medium supers, bottom boards, top covers (copper for Natalie) and frames. I opted for the unassembled because I wanted to save some money and I figured it would give me an opportunity to learn. I’ve watched nearly every video on beekeeping on YouTube so I needed to try out my new skills!

Well, as you can see from the video below, building the supers was easy, staining them was a choice Natalie and I made today, I had some trial and error but ultimately decided on a cedar-tinted wood protector and a dark walnut stain over that. It leaves the wood with a nice light brown with strong orange highlights. I quite like the look and I think it compliments the copper nicely. I also picked up a wood toolbox which you can see me testing the staining method on about mid-ways through the video.

I started building the frames today after I built the supers but only got 25 of the 50 completed. Not too shabby for a day’s work, I think.