I tried to use a single man post hole auger…let’s just say it didn’t work out well for me so I decided to bite IMG_20160310_102733747the bullet and rent some heavy equipment, it worked and worked amazingly. In total, there were 24 post holes to be dug and since we have the equipment we put some extra holes in the ground for the blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry bushes.

Overall the hole digging went without incident, I wish I could say the same about putting in the posts. I had a devil of a time aligning the posts and getting them plumb. I chose to just backfill most of the posts with the red clay that came out, it holds the posts really well although I did use concrete for the gate posts and the two posts supporting the 12′ span in the back of the garden (where the bees will live).

IMG_20160320_135836545_HDRThe fencing went on super quick, I built a fence stretcher (thanks to this great video) which helped reduce the effort in getting the welded wire taunt between the posts. A dozen or so galvanizedĀ 1/2″ fence staples held the welded very securely to the posts.

Attaching the horizontal 2×6 planks went very quickly (with the help of my father) and within a few hours we had the top and bottom horizontal planks attached. I really love the look of it, what do you guys think?