IMG_20160402_151455099With the fencing done, it was time to build some garden beds (I didn’t get video or photos, sorry guys) and as with every project I take on, some last minute changes required adaptation of the original plan. We had originally planned to put the gate in the middle of the garden’s long side but later decided to put it off-set to the left corner of the garden which really messed up the layout of the actual garden beds. I ended up just building a 6’x8′ bed and a 6’x6′


First load of dirt!

bed to move the longer 6’x16′ beds out of the way of the gate and provide a nice wide path from the gate to the back of the garden. Building the boxes and reinforcing them with steel brackets went quickly and without issue, I held off on putting the hardware cloth on the bottom of them till the dirt had been delivered. Then yesterday (with the help of my in-laws) we were able to complete three garden beds. You can see in the picture below the first load and the hardware cloth lining the bottom of the beds.


20 cubic yards of soil


Three beds completed!