IMG_20160507_120508004_HDRWe have finally finished the major construction and setup of our new garden and have it to the point that we are able to start transplanting the plants we started from seed into the beds. It’s been a long arduous journey but man I think the results speak for themselves!

As you can see, there isn’t much green just yet but boy it’s been a rainy and cold spring so once the weather finally starts to get and stay warm, I think things will start growing like crazy! We ended up tweaking the placement of several crops and I think the final placement is perfect. If you guys are interested, we used the vegetable garden planner from Mother Earth News, it’s a great deal and a great service, highly recommended!

We have a few things that didn’t make the date for the “Phase 1” cutoff so I expect I’ll have quite a few garden-related projects this summer, which should keep me busy. None of this could have been accomplished without the thankless help of my family, they really helped push this to completion when I was running out of steam. In the end, the family was able to build an amazing home garden that I hope will provide many years of food and more importantly, family memories!